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Time is money! As a landlord you are keenly aware that every day a unit is vacant is money lost. That’s where Apartment Solutions comes in. Apartment Solutions is a real estate referral service specializing in facilitating lease procurements between property management companies or private owners, and tenants since 1996. As an accredited business with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, our professional leasing staff has successfully helped tens of thousands of individuals relocate to professionally managed apartment communities and privately owned units in the Chicagoland area. The potential renters that we would be referring to your property include not only the general public, but also current and transferring employees coming through our extensive network of corporate contacts throughout the area. If you are interested in finding out more information, you might want to look into a company like AAOA for more information if you have an interested in becoming a landlord.

We Save You Money

Traditional advertising requires you to pay upfront costs, & you pay whether you fill the unit or not. When you list your unit with Apartment Solutions, you don’t pay anything unless you accept a tenant from us.

We Save You Time

Our knowledgeable leasing staff pre-screens all customers based on employment, income, rental history, and credit, as well as, details about your specific unit. When we send you a referral, you already know that your unit matches their basic requirements & budget.

Maximize Exposure for Your Apartment

You will benefit from our advertising and the thousands of renters that visit our web site and offices each month.

Non-Exclusive Listing Agreement

This gives you the freedom to market your unit on your own in addition to using other services. We collect a commission when we provide a landlord with a tenant that they approve of. The benefit of a non-exclusive agreement is that owners are free to market their units as they choose. If an owner rents a unit on their own or finds a tenant through another service, they do not pay us a fee. The ultimate decision on whether or not to approve an applicant is always up to you.

So How Much Does All This Cost?

We charge a nominal fee which is only due once the new tenant moves in. If they don’t move in, you don’t pay. Also, don’t forget, the referral fee is tax-deductible as an expense against your rental property income! Contact us today to get more details!

Property Management

Our property management services are an option for the landlord who does not want to deal with the day to day issues involved with renting property to tenants. We offer a full range of services and will take care of everything from listing your property, handling all showings, doing tenant screening, preparing a lease, and handling all maintenance issues from any plumbing or heating to your Home team electric needs. With over 20 years’ experience in property management we can help you maximize your real estate investment while also making your life that much easier! Call today to get details and costs.