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Locator Services: Are they really free? How do they help?

Locator Services: Are they really free? How do they help?

Q: Is this really a free service? How can a personalized apartment search be free?

A: Owners, Property Management Companies and Landlords all want to have as many of their rentals occupied at all times which means that they will pay a referral fee to locators to help make that happen.

Q: How can you help me? Can’t I just look online?

A: We help customers by providing them personalized rental options based on their specific needs. An online search engine can’t account for all of the factors Apartment Solutions specialists do. Search engines usually offer monthly rent ranges, number of bedrooms options, whether pets are allowed and the location of the property. What Apartment Solutions offers is much more detailed because each of our specialists has developed relationships with each of the rental properties in the area.

Each customer that we help is different. Do any of these situations sound like you? If Yes, we can help!

  • Are you too busy with work and family and want help finding the top 3-5 options that fit your specific needs?
  • Are you looking for a luxury rental? Many of our clients come to us wanting luxury upgrades and newly built properties but find that online almost all rental communities list themselves as luxury rentals.
  • Do you have a large dog or a breed that your finding is not widely accepted? i.e. German Shepherd, Husky, Akita, Great Dane etc.
  • Do you want a pet free building? *service animals and emotional support animals can live in non-pet buildings.
  • Do you want/need a rental in a specific school district or even a specific elementary, junior high, or high school?
  • Are you a commuter? Do you need to be within walking distance of a metra-station?
  • Looking for a specific lease term? We have rental options starting at 2 months and going all the way up to 18 months.
  • Need a large living room to entertain?
  • Prefer Gas Cooking? Or a large kitchen?
  • Prefer Private Entry or Secured Entry?
  • Need covered parking or extra storage?
  • Need a property with an elevator?
  • Prefer 1st floor or top floor?
  • Move in specials?
  • Challenged Credit, Home Foreclosure or Recently Discharged Bankruptcy? – Not all apartments have the same credit requirements. We know which properties have minimum credit score requirements and which properties are foreclosure friendly (often featuring on sites like and allow a bankruptcy that is less than 2 years old. It is always worth considering these angles when looking for property.

Caryn Outlaw

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